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Project Brief

Company Information: (Note: Refer to the company as LCF Enterprises throughout copy)

LCF Enterprises – RF Power Amplifiers

Address: 764 S. Clearwater Loop
Post Falls, ID 83854

Phone: 1-855-892-1954 [Available 6AM-10PM PST] 
Fax: (480) 393-5947

LCF’s Competitive Advantages – needs to come out in the website copy

LCF’s competetive advantages are our quick delivery, our reliability and performance but also our technical support – where we go above and beyond other companies to help with systems solutions.  Here is an excerpt that I provided to a customer to let them know the added value they receive when they purchase an LCFamplifier.   We should try and incorporate this message in the website.  Its what brings customers back to us over the years.
LCF prides itself on assisting our customers with 25 years of RF experience and technical support to achieve a successful solution together
An RF Amplifier is a reactive component and its performance also depends on how the user integrates it into their system.  LCF, at no additional charge, provides technical support for a customer’s successful integration of our product. For the best performance possible, we can opimtize our amplifier under the conditions it will actually see in use. 

1.  In an an aircraft application, we set up the customer’s radio, cable types and lengths, simulated their output match and optimized our amplifier for best power efficiency under their exact conditions. This is important as any RF amplifierin  the industry can change performance depending on how it is connected. 
2.  When it is not possible to do the set up at LCF, we have gone on-site to the customers and analyzed all the conditions that may affect the amplifier’s perfromance, such as noise or transients from power supplies, different output loads, spurious signals etc.  With our extensive RF experience, we were able to recommend simple solutions to get the customer meeting their goals.
3. Another application had oscillatons and variations in a diplexer, connected to our amplifier.  Even though our amplifier was consistently the same, the diplexer created variations and oscillations when they were together.  We set up a diplexer with our amplifier and analyzed the problem and provided a solution inside the amplifier to compensate for the problem with the diplexer.
4  A customer  had not designed in enough cooling into their system and were unable to make changes.  Even though we met all their specifications, we modified our amplifier baseplate to copper instead of aluminum as well as added a thermal spreading potting compound inside our amplifier to reduce their cooling needs.
5. Our ampifiers were used in a radio system on an aircraft.  The pilots indicated there were some dropouts in voice quality.  Even though the cause of the problem was another component in their system we were able to provide a solution in the amplifier to solve it.
We offer this technical support at no additional cost over the unit cost of our amplifiers.  We realize all RF Amplifiers are reactive and can be affected by other system conditions, even though we meet all the requried specifications and unforeseen effects can occur.  We have 25 years of experience we can use to help our customers be successful.
Our failure rate over 25 years and thousands of amplifiers has been less than 1%.  We take pride in the fact we have had very few returns over the years, but if we do, we take pride in the fact that we jump right on it and find out what happened and solve it.  We have received awards for the quality and technical performance of our amplifiers that have been used to save thousands of lives.  

Project Brief

Scope (per contract)



  • Keyword Research
  • Site Mapping
  • SEO Strategy & Competitive Analysis
  • Monthly Marketing & PPC Campaign
  • Optimize client provided copy


  • Design a site that portrays a professional appearance wile maintaining usability
  • Design front end, home page, product category pages and product pages
  • Interspire shopping cart for up to 100 products 
  • Skin shopping cart to reflect website design
  • Assist LCF in getting all products integrated into the site with proper images and content


Company Brief (LCF Enterprises provided homepage copy)


LCF Enterprises designs and manufactures efficient and compact RF amplifiers for a wide variety of applications. Such applications have included military defense, medical technology, plasma physics, SATCOM (satellite communications), RF jamming, airborne communications, and electronic countermeasures. We offer customizable power amplifiers to fit your specific application. From internally regulated RF modules and our “open architecture” design modules to turn-key rack mounted amplifier systems and customizable RF subsystems, LCF Enterprises has the engineering and manufacturing capability to competitively meet any RF demand.


  • small, custom orders to large volume surge capacity 
  • quick turnaround, multiple lines
  • full testing capability including environmental
  • high quality assurance and reliability
  • 25 years in business 
  • 45,000 square foot facility
  • full surface mount capability


Keyword Examples

RF (radio frequency) amplifier, power amplifier, RF modulator, rack mount amp, amplifier subsystems, RF amplifier transmitter, FR amplifier receiver, RF amplifier design, microwave amplifier, solid state amp, satellite communications, base station amp, communication amp, telcom amp, etc.



Company Q & A (this section will outline the target audience for each application)


What is your online goal?

Compete worldwide for rf amp sales and design. Target specific applications. Some sales will come from our online store, but most will be closed after a client goes through the design process. The site needs to set LCF Enterprises apart from the competition.


What differentiates LCF Enterprises from it’s competitors?

Technical support for their system integration at no cost with quick response.  When the purchase an amp they get a solution and incredible technical support so they are successful.  We do not want to see an amplifier return.

  • Small size and high efficiency amplifier modules
  • Customization with Quick delivery response
  • Large volume capacity with quick delivery response
  • Top quality in the field - can produce great performance quickly with top quality.  Quality is important for reliability and ruggedness

What service do you provide to your customer beyond just a product?

See letter sent to Barney (I will forward to you) 


How does LCF Enterprises make life easier on their customer?

See letter sent to Barney 


What are the top 3 industries you serve?

Wireless communications: military/defense, medical, commercial 


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the wireless telecommunication industry and provide an example of application?

Best success if an engineer contacts us.   The product is very technical and requires technical discussion.  An amplifier is not a passive component, it is reactive to whatever is on either end of it.  For an optimum solution we can optimize our product to their specific system. 


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the electronic countermeasures and jamming industry and provide an example of application?

Engineer -- 

Application is jamming roadside bombs so they do not detonate and kill troops.  Our amps are a key component for this as the bombs are triggered with radio signals.  The system we are in detects the radio trigger and sends another signal out to jam it. 


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the radar industry and provide an example of application?  


Military and commercial - Boeing for example.  Aircraft use radar. 


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the electronic warfare industry and provide an example of application?  

We are an excellent match for unmanned airborne vehicles (drones for example) where small size, high efficiency (does not drain battery life), meets aircraft requirements are key.  This market has a lot of funding and we need to target them.  LCF has provided amplifiers for a large number of military aircraft for communications - drones, stealth fighter, B2 bomber, etc.  The requirements are state of the art and demanding and we do well with this.  For example, for the stealth planes we had to fit an amplifier into a wing and still achieve a long range of communications; we have to fit an amplifier into a submarine missile tube (small, had to take 110G shock, lightweight to float on a buoy, not drain battery life, communicate to a satellite -- challenging requirements)


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the medical industry and provide an example of application?  

Engineer - we have provided test equipment for cancer diagnostic eqpt, MRI imaging, and "RF knive" for surgery where the power in the amplifier is used much like the power in a microwave oven.


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the university research industry and provide an example of application?  

Engineer - Harvard, MIT, typically doing an experiment and need something special in small quantity.  High alitutude balloon research.



What level of individual would inquire about your services in the plasma physics industry and provide an example of application?  

University more typical here, physicist or engineer. Examples metallurgy, surface treatments, welding, lighting.


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the EMI test laboratories and provide an example of application?  

Engineer-- lab technicians.  EMI or electromagnetic interference is used to test electronic devices to be certain they are not generating frequencies that interfere with other operations.  It is used in general lab testing to characterize products over a range of radio frequencies.  Example of this is a Navy ship was testing its new system near a bridge.  The system generated extra frequencies that triggered all the airbags in cars going over the bridge.  Systems have to be tested so this does not happen.  Our rack mount systems are a good choice for this general testing.


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the commercial sector and provide an example of application?  

Engineer -- Washington Dept of Transportation,  RCMP in Canada -- they set up their own communications links and need an RF amplifier for boosting signals. The amplifier also shapes the signals as well.


What level of individual would inquire about your services in the government and defense sector and provide an example of application?  

Same as above


Who do you perceive as a direct competitor in your industry and provide an example of application?  

Empower RF, Ophir RF


Based on your experience, what are some specifics about your target audience?  

We match up best with an engineer or project manager who has a system requiringA purchasing agent for a company making a cold call rarely connects with us.  They usually follow up with us after the engineer has discussed his application and we work through a solution.


Will your sales staff be directing clients to the website for product details and purchase?  Typically I expect a potential client reviews our website and calls us.  If we receive a direct call we will direct them to the website to download a data sheet, but we will probably take the order directly.  


List as many industry terms outside of technical product descriptions used to describe your products:


What are the top 5 products sold by LCF Enterprises?

 Model A020, A141 (new), A045, A138, (get back to you) 


List 5 adjectives that best describe LCF Enterprises in order of relevance/importance:  

technical, supportive, quality conscious, pride


Sales Flow:

Specialized Engineers meets with LCF Amps to define specifications and LCF will recreate and in some cases simulate exact conditions that the product will be placed under in the field. At that time the requirements are established and the End User will make the purchase based on the Engineers recommendation. 


Differentiating Factors:

Customization, optimize the product to meet the exact specifications, supportive even when the product is in use 2 weeks down the line, can simulate exact conditions, stock components to insure quick delivery, can produce large volume quickly, global market.


Competitor Websites




GT- LIke the simplicity of the design and emphasis on applications (military in this case).

Top 1 competitor, categorizes amps by power rather than type.

Top 2 competitor

Top 3 competitor


Similar industry offerings. Like the categories listing


Similar industry offerings, simple design.


I really like this site

List of rf amp manufactures



Product Brochures


There are several LCF Amp products brochures in Dropbox under Projects_LCF Amps_Brochures.


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