Engineering the Ultimate RF Amplifier Subsystem

At LCF Enterprises, our quality standard is nothing short of excellence and our goal is to provide the perfect technology for your specific application in an efficient manner. The technical support we offer and options for customization is all part of our dedication to faithful customer service. We recognize that RF amplifiers are key factors in a wide variety of applications, so we are committed to engineering our RF power amplifier subsystems and other technology in a design that has the capacity to be customized by you, the customer.

Customize your RF amplifier subsystem, from the frequency range to power levels to gain profiles. Also, there are different mechanical options, including RF connectors, power connectors, or pre-amps. In order to engineer the optimum RF amplifier and RF modulator subsystem for your specific application, you can “mix and match” different features.

RF Pre-amplifier Options

One of the essential products we incorporate is a RF preamplifier. The Low-noise amplifier (LNA preamp) is one of the mechanical customization options we offer and its purpose is to amplify extremely weak signals.

Transmit/Receive (Tx/Rx)

Under the performance options that available for customization are the transmit options. We engineer RF amplifier subsystems with the capacity for either transmit/receive (Tx/Rx) or transmit only (Tx). This provides you with the opportunity to design the RF power amplifier subsystem to fit the needs of the application it will be used in.


One of the features in which customization is important in an RF power amplifier and RF modulator subsystem is the switches. The switch options that LCF offers include PIN diode switches and mechanical relay switches, depending on your timing and reliability requirements.

Heat Sink & Fan Options

All subsystems require cooling - it's essential for reliability and efficient operation. The customer can provide their own cooling solution, but we also can provide the custom heat sink configurations with fans and thermal shutdown protection.

Custom Connectors & Housing Options

Connectors and housing are two of the options most commonly customized in our RF amplifier subsystems. Providing our customers with the ability to choose different custom connectors and housing mechanical options is an important aspect of engineering the ultimate RF amplifier and RF modulator subsystem. For connectors, we offer the options of:

  • Type N
  • Type TNC
  • Type SMA
  • and Type BNC

Control Options

When it comes to control options, there are three basic choices for customization. The controller board options for our RF amplifier subsystems are:

  • Thermal shutdown
  • Current limiting
  • Autoswitching

Though not every combination of the mechanical and performance options we offer is feasible, our engineers can help with designing the ultimate RF power amplifier and RF modulator subsystem for you. Whether the application be medical and scientific research or military communications, we can provide the precise technology for that situation.

Contact us to  customize your subsystem and all of your technical support needs. You can also fill out the free consultation form to speak with our engineers.

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