Established in 1986, LCF Enterprises is a privately owned Made in America business that designs, engineers and manufacturers RF Power Amplifiers for a wide variety of applications. Applications include Wireless Telecommunications, Electronic Countermeasures and Jamming, Radar, Electronic Warfare, Medical, University Research, Plasma, EMI test laboratories. Customers include commercial, medical, research laboratories, government and defense. Our RF amplifiers are relied on to save lives and achieve greater levels of efficiency in a variety of services.

LCF facilities are in Post Falls, Idaho and our 45,000 sq ft facility includes full surface mount production equipment and staff, mechanical and electrical engineering , quality, environmental testing capabilities. High volume (up to 500 amps per week) and customization of small quantities is available.

LCF produces both DC modules, turn key rack mount amplifier systems and integrated amplifier solutions. In-stock and custom products are available.

What sets LCF Enterprises apart is not simply the exceptional quality of our RF amplifiers, but the benefits we offer our customers. Our Top Advantages:

  • 25 Years of dedicated service
  • 45,000 SQ FT  state-of-the-art facility
  • Customizable RF amplifiers to fit your specific application
  • Manufacture multiple lines simultaneously
  • Quick turn around
  • Full testing capability including environmental testing
  • Produce efficient and high-quality RF amplifiers
  • Ability to manufacture custom orders and large volume needs
  • Order TODAY, Ship TOMORROW! On all in-stock products

Optimal RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers at LCF Enterprises are also customizable. What exactly does this mean? It means that because the different contexts in which RF amplifiers are used are so varied, we endeavor to engineer the perfect power amplifier for each specific application. Whether it is a military application, or medical ,or commercial the need for a dependable RF amplifier is crucial.

We manufacture a wide range of RF amplifiers from internally regulated RF modules to our “open architecture” design modules to turn-key rack mounted amplifier to a fully customizable RF subsystems. And the commitment to creating an amplifier that fits your specific application does not end simply with design. We also offer technical support at no additional charge to make sure that our RF amplifiers and RF modulators are successfully integrated into your system.

We encourage you to contact us for technical support or for more information about LCF Enterprises. You can fill out the free consultation form to speak with our engineers.

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