RF Amplifier Design

In so many applications, a dependable RF amplifier can save lives and for business and industry, a optimized amplifier can increase efficiency. They are a crucial factor in communications and is necessary that the RF amplifier design be reliable, efficient, and compact.

Because we realize the importance of producing RF amplifiers that you can trust, we are committed to not only manufacturing the highest level and highest quality possible, but also optimize our amplifiers to be ideal for your specific application. Common applications we engineer our amplifiers for are military, medical, and a variety of commercial communication needs. We encourage you to contact us and find out more about how we can work with you to engineer the exact technology you need in the time frame and price range that you require.

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Defense & National Security

Military Defense and National Security is dependent on swift and secure communication. Over the 25 years LCF Enterprises have been manufacturing RF amplifiers, that are compact, light-weight, and exceptionally effective with a design capable of integrating with your critical requirements. Our power amplifiers are used in airborne, naval, satellite communications (SATCOM), radar, including portable communications devices as well as unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs).


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Industrial, Scientific & Medical

Because radio frequencies are utilized in the medical field for a variety of purposes, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), wireless interface, RF power and radio frequency ablation (RFA), LCF Enterprises engineers power RF amplifiers that are ideal for these applications. We comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and our amplifiers are used in medical laboratories worldwide. We understand the importance of this work and our RF amplifier design is precise, efficient, and optimum quality.


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Commercial Communications

There is an ever increasing demand for power RF amplifiers in commercial communications. Our power amplifiers are customizable to fit the specific purpose they are needed for and our facility has the capacity to manufacture them for both small, custom orders up to large volume orders. From AM/FM broadcasting and RF telemetry links to broadband amplifiers and narrowband amplifiers, our RF amplifier design encompasses every need in the commercial communications realm.


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