High-Quality RF Solid State Amplifiers, Modules, & Systems

A powerful RF amplifier can be the deciding factor in the safety of military communication or the success of a business or scientific research. At LCF Enterprises, we provide customers around the world with RF amplifier technology that is customizable to function optimally in specified applications. LCF Enterprises has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality RF amplifiers since 1986. We are dedicated to precise engineering, premium products, and ensuring our RF amplifiers are successfully integrated.

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Essential to many applications, an amplifier module must be compact and powerful. Our additional option of open architecture design allows us to engineer customized modules.

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LCF's rack-mount amplifiers are engineered to be durable and efficient so they can function flawlessly in active, rugged applications.

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With the capacity to customize frequency ranges, power levels, and gain profiles, our subsystems are engineered to ideally fit your specifications.

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  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Reliable quality assurance and verification testing
  • Trusted reputation through 25 years of business
  • A 45,000 square foot facility for large volume orders
  • The ability for quick turnaround and multiple lines
  • Full testing capability, including environmental
  • Customization of products to fit your application
  • Top quality in the field

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