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Rack Mount RF Amplifiers: a Rugged, Reliable Turn Key Solution

LCF Rack Mount Amplifiers are turn key. economical, rugged and lightweight. To operate plug the unit into any wall plug (120 VAC 60 Hz / 240 VAC 50 Hz) and simply turn the unit on. It provides a complete solution for laboratory and base station applications. Customized rack mount amplifiers are available, please contact us to consult with an engineer.

Purchase System(s)

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A045r 2-30 100 35 N/A 4 weeks N/A $5955.00
A141r 25-500 80 35 N/A Stock N/A $6250.00
A116r 225-400 10 35 N/A Stock N/A $4500.00
A138r 225-400 100 10 N/A 1 Week N/A $4500.00
A020r 100-400 100 40 N/A Stock N/A $5955.00
A142r 290-320 120 45 N/A Stock N/A $5555.00
A112r 290-320 200 30 N/A 3 Weeks N/A $7500.00
B020r 118-137 120 45 N/A 3 Weeks N/A $5955.00
A13250r 500-1000 50 35 N/A Stock N/A $5250.00
A13280r 700-1000 80 33 N/A Stock N/A $5250.00
A144r 700-1000 80 35 N/A Stock N/A $5555.00
A041r 10-1200 10 20 N/A 4 Weeks N/A $5955.00
A093r 1-30 200 35 N/A 6 Weeks N/A $6250.00
A150r 25-1000 80 34 N/A 1 Week N/A $6250.00
A151r 1-200 100 35 N/A 1 Week N/A $5955.00

LCF Rack Mount Advantage

In many applications, specifically a military application, durability and the capacity to take abuse and still function smoothly and efficiently is a necessity for RF amplifiers. With these situations in mind, LCF Enterprises engineers a rugged and reliable rack mount amplifier. Our turn-key RF amplifier systems are light weight, low profile and economical.

Turn Key Rack Mount Amplifier Features

If you are searching for a rugged, economical, and powerful RF amplifier system that is also fully protected, LCF’s rack mount amps are your best option. Our rack mounted amplifier systems are self-contained and include their own power supply, amplifier module, cooling, and front panel indicators and monitors. Our state-of-the-art technology and professional engineers have worked hard to develop an ideal design that is both durable and precise.

One of the most important aspects of our turn key RF amplifier systems are their multiple protection features. These features include:

  • Fully self-contained - This rugged protection system provides reliable operations under conditions of amplifier abuse and can contains the power supply, amplifier module, cooling, panel indicators and monitors. The system enclosure can stand alone on a bench or be rack mounted.
  • Automated current limiting - Why is this important? Current limiting condition may arise when operating into a high VSWR load. Our systems will not shut down under current limiting conditions and will continue to operate. They will also automatically recover.
  • Intrinsic protection against bad loads - If the module is operated at 24 VDC instead of its rated 28 VDC intrinsic protection will ensures an extra margin of safety from voltage breakdown.
  • Electrical fuse protection - In the event that the system is overdriven by a fast pulse which exceeds the response time of the automatic current limiting, our RF amplifier modules are engineered to be protected against shut down or damage.

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