Technical Support That Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

At LCF Enterprises we are committed to manufacturing and designing RF amplifiers that function efficiently at optimum levels meeting the needs of our customers through a commitment of continued technical support.

The support we offer including testing our RF amplifiers under system duplicated conditions, and the support to help you successfully integrate LCF amplifiers into your system with confidence. We ensure that our products are functioning correctly in the situation you need them for. We value your business and are eager to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide continued technical support. So how can we help? Let's take a look.

RF Amplifier Systems Duplication

Here is an example of how LCF Enterprises provided technical support in a recent aircraft design application:

To make sure the aircraft's system was operating properly through or amplifier, we duplicated the aircraft's radio specifications, cable specs, lengths and connections. Then reproduced the conditions and put the amp through rigorous testing. We were able to optimize the amplifier to be highly efficiency and fully reliable under the aircraft's strict requirements.

RF amplifier systems duplication is a critical way to ascertain there are no problem in the connection between the amplifier and the rest of the system.

RF Amplifier Testing

25 Years of service has taught us the necessity of testing all our amplifier modules, rack mount systems and customized subsystems. Though the amplifier will be functioning as designed, often a hitch in the application can cause complications. Performing verification testing, quality assurance testing and staying focused on being solution oriented is how LCF Enterprises make sure that our amplifiers are working as specified, and the rest of the system is functioning at the most optimum of levels. This is a service our engineers take pride in and offer for no additional charge.

Need support? Take advantage of 25 years of manufacturing the very best in RF amplifier technology and providing technical support in a variety of applications. You can fill out the form to speak with our engineers.

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