Systems Duplication and Environmental Testing

At LCF Enterprises, we understand the importance of providing assurance that our amplifiers will work as designed and engineered every-time. Not only have we put in place measures to check and examine the quality of each RF amplifier, but we also provide confirmation that our rf amps have passed our thorough verification testing. There are two ways we make sure our RF amplifiers, power amps and more are of the highest quality and are functioning at their optimum capacity.

The first is by performing compliance testing and inspecting each and every amplifier manufactured at LCF Enterprises. For this purpose, we have a Nanotech X-Ray Inspection machine, visual screening stations, four Infrared cameras, as well as five environmental thermal chambers. We test our RF amplifiers using five full RF test stations, a transistor test station, and digital board testing verification.

But even when our RF amplifiers are in perfect working order, they can be installed improperly or integrated incorrectly into a system. So we proudly offer technical support to all of your customers. To make sure everything surrounding the amp is functioning as it should. We are able to run a systems duplication simulation of near exact conditions in which the amplifier will be used and we can check the for power optimization as it operates within the system to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Why do we provide RF amplifier verification testing?

Simply because we know precisely how necessary it is to have an RF amplifier perform smoothly and successfully every-time in a multitude of unique applications. We pride ourselves on optimizing each amplifier for your exact need. From military communications to jamming systems to broadband and narrowband radio frequency amplifiers. Lives depend on it!

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