Optimum RF Amplifiers – Quick and Precise

Completing orders and producing power amplifiers quickly and efficiently is an important aspect of RF amplifier engineering. However, maintaining the optimum quality of our RF amplifiers is our top priority. So, at LCF Enterprises' facility in Post Falls, Idaho, we have been careful to create a facility that accomplishes both of these things. With the capabilities of our engineering technology and the size of our 45,000 square foot facility, which allows us to do multiple lines simultaneously, we are able to accomplish both RF amplifier efficiency and precision.

One of the ways we guarantee a quick turn around is through our state-of-the-art methods of manufacturing and designing. This includes two laser trimming stations for automatic biasing. By utilizing the laser trimming technology, we can engineer some of the highest quality power amplifiers on the market, and do so in a quick and punctual manner.

Maintaining a balance between quick turn around and top quality can be difficult, yet at LCF Enterprises, we guarantee optimal quality of RF power amplifiers, as well as efficient manufacturing.

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