Quality RF Amplifiers. Tested, Tried, and True

We know that a RF amplifier working at optimum levels can save lives. A RF amplifier that malfunctions can have devastating consequences on surrounding systems. It is because we are aware of this demand that we ensure our products function accurately. We are determined to carefully test, examine and verify that all RF amplifiers and subsystems are reliable and functioning at the highest levels of optimization.

Our guarantee is to provide the highest quality RF amplifiers on the market and across the world. Because of this we have established a state-of-the-art screening, testing, and verification process to examine each RF amp, power amp and associated subsystems before it ever comes into contact with a customers system. We have a Nanotech X-Ray Inspection machine, visual screening stations, four infrared cameras, as well as five environmental thermal chambers. We also test our products using five full RF test stations, a transistor test station, and digital board testing verification.

Assuring the highest quality

The purpose of each of these tests is to assure not only our engineers and designers, but our customers that rely on our RF amplifiers to perform at the highest levels of quality and optimization every-time they are called upon. For further quality assurance, we provide our customers with continued technical support to insure our RF amplifiers are integrated correctly into the system and that everything is works smoothly and flawlessly.

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