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Technical support, efficient manufacturing, and quality standards are all vitally important. But in the end, it comes down to the products we engineer. The reliability, capacity for customization, and precision of these products is what truly sets LCF apart from other manufacturers. Our Engineers are always available to speak with you about system specifications and how our RF amplifiers are designed to perfectly fit demanding requirements in a number of applications.

small size, efficient, user provided power

RF Amplifier Modules

The RF amplifier DC modules we engineer are available internally regulated, with options of digital control, thermal compensation, current limiting, voltage and thermal shutdown. They are also available as our open architecture design for more flexibility and control by the user. Our open architecture engineering allows customization and precision, so you can create a optimum rf amplifier.

  • Separate bias control terminals at each MOSFET gate for gain control flexibility
  • Separate power supply terminals for each MOSFET drain for amplifier protection
  • Low loss output matching network for efficient and secure functioning
  • Separate bias inputs and drain feedthroughs

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full turn-key amplifier system, wall plug powered

Rack Mount Turn-key RF Amplifier Systems

In some applications, it is necessary that the amplifier be turn-key and that everything is done for the user, so it can simply be turned on and be operational - no setup, no wiring, no cooling. LCF’s rack mounted amplifier systems are the perfect option for such an application. These rack mount amplifiers are not only compact and rugged, but they are also efficient and economical. Our rack mount amplifier systems include self-contained power supply, amplifier module, cooling, and front panel monitors and indicators. It is also engineered with an extra measure of safety from breakdown in that the module is operated at 24 VDC instead of 28 VDC.


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The RF amplifier subsystems that LCF offers are customizable and can be configured specifically for a particular application. There are several types of subsystems that we engineer, including:

The customizable aspects of these amplifier subsystems are their frequency ranges, power levels, and gain profiles. Also, there are different mechanical options, including RF connectors, power connectors, and pre-amps.

In order to create the perfect RF amplifier subsystem for your specific application, you can “mix and match” different features and options and, in a sense, design your own amplifier subsystem. The variety and wide range of options that we offer is one of the reasons LCF is a leading manufacturer of RF amplifiers and amplifier subsystems.

  • Dual Output/Dual Voltage
  • Oscillators
  • Transmit only
  • Transmit/Receive
  • Custom Connections on Housing
  • Digital Controls
  • Preamplifier
  • Heat Sink with Fan
  • Heat Sink without Fan

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We encourage you to contact us for technical support or for more information about LCF Enterprises. You can fill out the free consultation form to speak with our engineers.

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