RF Power Amplifier Design Capabilities

What sets LCF Enterprises apart from the competition is our extensive knowledge and in-house capabilities in manufacturing power RF amplifiers and customizing RF amplifier design. Our state-of-the-art facility in Post Falls, Idaho, spreads 45,000 square feet and has the capacity to do multiple product lines simultaneously as well as engineering small customized jobs.

The RF amplifiers we've engineered and designed are used around the world to save lives and increase efficiency within multiple applications. Yet what differentiates us from the competition is more than simply the quality of our products. It's the dedicated engineers on staff, customized service and the capabilities of our state-of-the-art facility.

Completing your order, engineering the best RF power amplifiers available, testing each and every unit and doing it all in a timely manner is part of what makes LCF Enterprises unique. That is why or facility is pressing the boundrys for:

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Large Volume Manufacturing

Here at LCF Enterprises we know that turn-key manufacturing is often followed by large volume deadlines. That is why our manufacturing process starts with qualified, experienced engineers designing optimized amplifiers in our state-of-the-art facility. This ensures production is seamless. From ordering in-stock amps to customizing a subsystem we automate as much of the assembly process as possible. All while delivering highly reliable products. Our automated production line includes:

  • 3 MYDATA Machines
  • 2 Laser Trimming Stations
  • Heller Reflow Oven
  • Board Cutting Station
  • Automatic Board Washing Station
  • Stencil Capabilities

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Quick Turn Around

Order TODAY, Ships TOMORROW! We pride ourselves in having a selection of in-stock RF amplifiers to meet you system needs. That's why we offer Next Day Shipping on all in-stock items. If customization is what you require our qualified engineers are available for a free consultation. Ensuring your RF modular amp, power amp, rack mound amp or any complex subsystem variation is optimized for production and performance. 

  • 45,000 SQ FT State-Of-The-Art Facility
  • Top of the Line Manufacturing Equipment
  • Multiple Lines of Testing and Simulating
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Attention to Detail
  • Proven Quality Assurance

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Verification Testing

We take every RF amplifier, DC amplifier module, AC rack mount system, and customized amplifier through our thorough verification testing process. Our engineers and technicians check for temperature compensation, voltage, current protection, thermal shutdown and efficiency on every amplifier model. The testing process is preformed with great care and compliance with industry standards using:

  • 5 Full RF Test Stations
  • Transistor Test Stations
  • Digital Board Testing Verification
  • Environmental Testing

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Quality Assurance & High Reliability

Our promise of providing you with top-quality power RF amplifiers that you can rely on is a promise we stick to with conviction. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have put into place screening and checking measures to examine each and every RF amplifier we manufacture.

  • Nanotech X-Ray Inspection Machine
  • Visual Screening Stations
  • 4 Infrared Cameras
  • 5 Environmental Thermal Chambers
  • 5 Full RF Testing Stations
  • Transistor Test Station
  • Digital Board Testing Verification

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Providing RF amplifier solutions has been driving LCF Enterprises since day one. The ability to reproduce system requirement allows us to guarantee you have the best solution for your system. Combine our attention to detail and our determination to solve problems while producing top-quality RF amplifiers gives LCF Enterprises the edge over other cookie cutter manufactures.


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Technical Support

Need help dialing in your subsystem? We'll duplicate your system conditions, and offer continued support to help successfully integrate our  RF amplifiers into your system. We ensure that our products are functioning correctly in the situation you need them for. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty to provide continued technical support.


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Need more information? Use our contact form to ask a question, request a quote or take advantage of our comprehensive technical support service. You can fill out the form to speak with our engineers.

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