Where Accuracy and Efficiency Are Vital – RF Amplifiers in Medical Applications

Radio frequencies are commonly utilized in the medical field for a variety of purposes, such as radio frequency ablation (RFA) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). And as radio frequencies are being used more and more, the demand for efficient, powerful, and above all, precise RF amplifiers increases.

At LCF Enterprises, we engineer RF amplifiers and solid state amplifiers that meet all the requirements of this crucial application, and our technology is currently being utilized throughout the medical and scientific community. Including Medical Labs, Plasma Physics, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to name a few.


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Medical Labs

Just as durability and power are critical to RF amplifiers in a military communications application, so are sensitivity and reliability in the application of medical research. Our amplifiers are used in medical labs because of they can be trusted to function flawlessly and provide the necessary level of precision and accuracy.


Plasma Physics

One of the most common applications for our RF amplifiers and solid state amplifiers is in plasma physics. In several medical laboratories, LCF’s power amplifier and RF amplifier modules are put into use for the purpose of researching plasma physics. We engineer our technology with careful testing and quality checks to ensure that it is as efficient and precise as this application requires. And our open architecture amplifier and modulator design allows us to customize the equipment so it is perfectly suited for the specific application of plasma physics.


Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

LCF Enterprises is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and our power amplifiers, solid state amplifiers, and RF amplifier modules are all uniquely designed and engineered for each application in which they are used. Especially in medical, industrial, and scientific applications, where an intricate level of detail and efficiency of operation is essential, we take pride in engineering our technology to stand the test and fulfill every requirement.


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

In order for technology to be effective in a medical, scientific, or industrial application, it is critical that it be electromagnetically compatible. LCF Enterprises complies with all the facets of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to ensure that our RF amplifiers are able to be fully and successfully utilized in the medical field.


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