RF Power Amplifiers Engineered to Operate Across a Variety of Frequency Ranges

One of the advantages of purchasing amplifiers from LCF Enterprises is that we will tailor any of our in-stock RF power amplifiers to fulfill the specifications of the commercial communications application you need the amplifiers for. You can contact us or speak with our engineers to find out more about how LCF can provide the ultimate, customized technology for you.

In order to be effective in the application of commercial communications, microwave amplifiers must have the capacity to operate across many different frequency ranges. As RF bands grow more congested, the necessity for efficient and powerful RF amplifiers increases also. At LCF, we engineer our RF power amplifiers to be uniquely suited for all the requirements of commerical communications.


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High Frequency (HF)

LCF’s RF power amplifiers are engineered to operate across a high frequency range, which is typically 1-30 MHz. This capability is critical in several different areas, including industrial, scientific and medical applications, automatic link establishment (ALE), high frequency radio frequency identification (HFRFID), and over the horizon communications (OTH). The compact, efficient design of our amplifiers make them an excellent choice for any of these applications.


Very High Frequency (VHF)

The RF power amplifiers we engineer are also designed to function in a very high frequency (VHF) range of 30-300 MHz. For land and Maritime mobile communications and satellite communications (SATCOM), amplifiers with the capacity for VHF are necessary. Other applications in which LCF’s power amplifiers and modules are being successfully utilized are LOS (Line of Sight) ground-to-aircraft and aircraft-to-aircraft communications, and again, industrial, scientific, and medical fields.


Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

With their power-effective and premium-quality design, the amplifiers we engineer are also able to operate in the ultra high frequency (UHF) range. This is the frequency range of 300 MHz to 1 GHz. Land Mobile Communications, SATCOM (290-320 Mhz), and medical, industrial, and scientific applications rely on RF power amplifiers with the capacity for UHF.



In the application of AM/FM radio broadcasting, a high quality RF power amplifier is a necessity. As RF bands become crowded and congested, our efficient amplifiers are proving to be successful in the application of radio communications. Powerful RF amplifiers are needed in AM/FM radio broadcasting to ensure clearer and more extensive communication.



LCF engineers RF amplifiers specifically suited for telecommunications systems. In the application of wireless communications via radio frequencies, our RF power amplifiers have the capacity to operate across a wide range of frequencies and to amplify radio frequency transmissions efficiently. Our commitment to engineering technology that is perfectly customized to fit the requirements and specifications of a particular application is one of the things that sets LCF Enterprises apart in the RF amplifier industry.



The use of mobile radio frequency communications has skyrocketed and state-of-the-art mobile communications technology is increasing in demand. At LCF, we engineer our RF power amplifier technology to be utilized in this application, and as the industry grows, our products will be helping in that expansion. Compact design and precision are vital in a mobile application, so we have engineered our amplifiers to be economical, but powerful nonetheless.



In broadband telecommunications, greater bandwidth requires an amplifier suited to operate across a wide range of radio frequencies. With the options in the customization of our products that we offer, you can choose the capabilities and power of the RF power amplifiers your purchase so that we can engineer the exact technology you need. Our RF amplifiers have the capacity for broadband communications and are successfully utilized in this application.



RF power amplifiers engineered to function optimally in narrowband telecommunications are also an essential. Because of the limitations of a narrow bandwidth, broadband is rapidly replacing it in the field of telecommunications. Yet LCF still engineers RF power amplifiers with the capacity for narrowband communications. Our technology can be effectively used in situations where the range of frequencies is smaller and an amplifier suited to that range is necessary.


Radio Frequency Telemetry

LCF’s power amplifiers are also being used in the application of radio frequency telemetry. The power and precision of our RF power amplifiers make them ideal technology for the purpose of telemetry. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an ever-expanding field of technology that is becoming increasingly utilized. Our amplifiers are designed to function successfully and effectively in a telemetry application.


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